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Laboratory Grown Diamonds

Welcome to our new range of engagement rings.

We are now offering 3 different sizes of HTHP Diamond solitaire rings.

You can have either 0.50, 1.00 or 1.50 carat and choose whether you have it set in 18 carat yellow gold or platinum.  All our Diamonds are of the very best colour D and VS2 in clarity.  Plus they will all come with their own IGI certification.

Why choose a lab grown Diamond ?

Simple, because they are cheaper and more ethical.

Because of the high cost of mining and rarity of an earth grown diamond, Lab grown Diamonds are at least 40% cheaper than natural diamond.  Lab grown diamonds also come from a transparent supply chain and can be more ecologically sustainable, especially if grown with renewable energy sources.

Our HTHP Diamonds are at 75% cheaper and are just as beautiful as the natural mind Diamonds.

Lab Grown Diamond Natural Mined Diamond
100% Geniune              Yes                  Yes
Hardness              10                   10
Carat              1.50                   1.50
Colour              D                   D
Clarity              VS2                   VS2
Cut              Ideal                   Ideal
Symmetry              Excellent                  Excellent
Certification              IGI                  IGI
Eco- Friendly              Yes                  No
Cost              £6,500                  £24,000

Are Laboratory Grown Diamonds real?

100% REAL

Lab grown Diamonds are just as real as Natural mined Diamonds.  The only difference is that one has took over a billion years to form and the other over a few weeks.  They both have the identical chemical, and physical structure.